Wild Nation costumes

Once two warring peoples, the Imba’niré Elves and the human Adahy Clans were forced to make peace to face a common enemy in the early days of the Age of Piety, sometimes called the Age of Penance. The peace they declared was a complete success; the five clans of the Wild Nation hold the distinction of being the only people comprised of both races equally.

For most of history, the clans have followed the migrations of the wildlife of northern Rues taking only what they need from the land and the animals, and employing only the most minimal use of agriculture. They do not mine or smelt ores. Metal is a rare and precious commodity indeed. Most people of the Wild Nation employ weapons of wood or bone.

Their clothing is primarily of leather or fur, although they will make some use of rough-spun cloth. They are not adverse to ornamentation, however – most individuals decorate their simple garments with wood beads, polished stones, shells, or fragments of bone or antler.

They identify their membership in one of the five clans (Wolf, Bear, Crow, Stag, or Cat) with a facial tattoo in the shape of their totem animal’s tracks.

The land that the clans journey wind all around the nations of Inlyrico and Braeus. Over the course of time, conflicts have periodically arisen when those two regencies have expanded their borders. Recently, many of the more astute members of the clans have realized that another period of expansion is imminent, and a cry is being raised against those in the clans who would prefer to stand by and let the storm pass. Within the past fifty years, the clans have revived the practice of allowing a Chief-of-chiefs to speak for the entire Wild Nation. The first two Chiefs-of- chiefs were content to tend to issues within the clans, but the most recent, Quiet Eagle, has petitioned the Empire to join the Council of Regents, and not all within the clans are pleased by this. The nation that has maintained peace for nearly a millennium is slowly breaking into factions as tensions grow without and within.