Vascoll costumes

Loud, colorful, and fiercely territorial, the Vascoll are water nomads. The business and livelihood of the Vascoll is shipping, and over the course of generations they have made very sure that no outsiders threaten that livelihood.

The Mercurian Empire and the Selda’niré Federation both rely on the Vascoll for shipping on the rivers and coastal waters of the continent. The Vascoll maintain a voice on the emperor’s Council of Regents to make sure their interests are looked after, but tensions frequently run high.

The Vascoll’s relationship with the Selda’niré is better, as they rely on elven shipwrights to furnish them with their boats.

The Vascoll favor clothing that is lightweight, sturdy, and comfortable, suitable to life onboard a boat. In addition, many of the Vascoll choose to wear their wealth in jewels or precious metals rather than be burdened with traceable Imperial coinage. They tend not to bother with protecting themselves from the elements, and therefore most Vascoll acquire a weathered look by middle age.

Many Vascoll also choose to record the major events of their lives on their bodies, rather than on paper, and acquire a large number of tattoos.

The Vascoll usually travel the waters in flotillas comprised of several small boats. While members of the Vascoll have been known to spend time in port if it serves their interests, most treasure the freedom of the water and the movement from place to place.

Life on a boat is hard work, but is the sort of work that encourages talk, laughter, and stories. Anyone of Vascoll birth is considered family, regardless of boat or flotilla. Anyone else is an outsider, not to be trusted or even allowed on the water except as a paying customer.

A woman named Luzia Zarcone is the current speaker for the Vascoll on the Council of Regents. All other Vascoll leaders prefer to maintain as much anonymity as possible in case the handling of business becomes unpleasant and it becomes necessary to travel to clearer waters elsewhere.