Valar markingsValar markings

The Valar are the soldiers and guards of the Selda’niré. They are to be seen and not heard and thus when performing their caste duties they do not speak unless commanded to by one of their superiors or one dictated to them as being in command. The only time they may voluntarily break this is in a time of immediate danger so that they may warn the unobservant to said immediate danger, although it is customary to remove the silence stricture when outside of the Federation. This caste is primarily made up of those of other castes who cannot ascend due to lack of aptitude and are unhappy with their current caste as well as those who have committed certain crimes that necessitate a harsh sentence but not necessarily death. Most who are seen in command roles amongst the Valar are either particularly capable transplants from other castes, foreigners, or those born and raised within the Caste of the Body. The criminals within this caste are never allowed to take spouses or leadership positions.

Valar are marked upon entrance into the caste through birth, choice, or judicial punishment. They are marked with a sigil starting between their eyebrows and running down the length of their nose. In addition they also have three diagonal upswept lines on their right cheek.