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Numina- A different sort of game!

Greetings and thanks for reading! Many of you are familiar with LARPing and the varied LARPs out there. The purpose of this document is to highlight the differences between Numina and many of the other non-Accelerant LARPs.

  • Numina is a skill based game in which you spend Character Points (CP) to increase the breadth of abilities your character has and how many times you can use those abilities.
  • Your CP growth is capped at 15 CP per year with a total of 3 CP to be gained per event. Through Out-of-Game work done for the staff you may exceed the 15 CP per year cap (ex: Prop Donation).
  • The Accelerant Core Rule regarding ‘Flurry’ changes the combat style considerably. Please review the “Flurry Rule” on page 13 of the Numina Rulebook (version 1.2).
  • As skills drive the combat there is no inherent “superior weapon style”. You can be a combat viable character wielding a Sword/Shield, Polearm, Staff, Bow, Two-Weapons, etc.
  • Accelerant uses “Info Skills”. These skills are purchased and then used to work in conjunction with staff directly to ascertain additional information about plots which you are interested in. Not all plot information will be hand-fed to the Player Population.
  • Numina has a structured religion built into the Cosmology. Please note that this is part of the FANTASY GAME. The religion within the game of Numina is fake and should be treated as such. It is for the purpose of the game and should only be taken in that light. Please be understanding and responsible that this is a game and the religion therein is NOT REAL.
  • There are no plot-based or plot moderated In-Game forums. There never will be. This is to keep the interaction on a personal level at actual events.
  • You are Always in Game. Please review page 6 of the Numina Rulebook (version 1.2) under “Always in Game”.
  • All races, excepting “human” require some combination of prosthetics/make-up. All cultures, excepting the Empire require make-up in addition to appropriate cultural attire (even humans).
  • There is no between event plot that takes place with which your PC can interact outside of "Info Skill" use. All plot interaction should take place at a scheduled event. PC actions can and should help dictate plot direction however.
  • There are 4 events per year to ensure quality over quantity.
  • In the event you take extreme displeasure with something that has occurred you are relegated to dealing with the Numina staff or Josh Smith, the Numina GM. Please bring it up at an appropriate time as to not cause a scene and tears others from the game environment.
  • More attention to detail in terms of quality of costuming and make-up is required to help ensure the appropriate atmosphere.
  • Speaking Out-of-Game can result in the other players and NPCs harassing and/or out right attacking your character for being taken by Corruption and spewing forth curses of madness.

Please ensure you understand the above and if you have any questions please direct them to


Joshua Smith‐Numina GM