Stories have been told far and wide about the creation of the various races and beings upon the world that the Genesori created. However, of all the races, only one can trace their lineage completely and definitively to Koreel.

Sometime in the early days of the world, Koreel turned her hand to the Purposed Races. She approached her most devout followers and offered them an even greater spirit than they already possessed. The legend says that those who accepted had the strength of an additional spirit woven in with their own, most often that of an animal or element.

Koreel had studied the Purposed Races and their ways. She chose her children carefully, ensuring that each set of spirits were a good match for each other. At the end of her work, there were eight large and distinct groups of Spirit Touched, centralized in certain groups or geographic regions.

  • The Lupidae, or those with the canine spirit, have traditionally been centralized in Pyredown, the Imperial Seat.
  • The Dana're, or those with the feline spirit, are centralized among the clans of the Wild Nation.
  • The Urubér, or those with the ursine spirit, are most prevalent among the clans of the Wild Nation.
  • The Erevu, or those with the mustelidae, rodentia, or procyonids spirit, are found in greatest number in the Braeus regency.
  • The Cascada are infused with the element of water, and are most often found among the Vascoll.
  • The Avani, joined with earth spirits, frequently hail from the regency of Inlyrico.
  • The Ildri, or those with the fire spirit, have their greatest number amongst the Mehrdahd'i.
  • The Mystral have been given a spirit of air, and originated from the Shar’deen Archipelago of the Selda’nire.

Each person touched by spirit changed. They took on the physical appearance of the essences they were touched with, but retained a humanoid form. These people changed by Koreel were known collectively as the Spirit Touched. All Animal Spirit Touched have the “Beast” Trait, and all Elemental Kin have the “Elemental” Trait.