Sorian markings

It is not known exactly when the time of the Sorian began or even how they came to be within Rues. Some believe that they are a gift from the Genesori, others speculate that they are an ancient magic that lays dormant in the blood and spirit of humans and elves. The known common fact is that they are touched by divinity. The Sorian are only known to be born of the human and elven races. It is recognized at birth that these children are special as their skin shines with metallic hues and there is a glittering sparkle around their eyes. As they grow older their hair may blend to silver or white, though this is not always the case. Many of the Sorian born of elves do bear the pointed ears, while human born Sorian do not.

It is thought by many in the divine community that the specific colors of their skin or the sparkle around their eyes is a representation of the touch given by the gods. Gold being the prime is thought to represent Garioch as wisdom and authority. White brings talk of Severrin's touch as the child is often full of life and energetic. The blue is the rumored touch of Jormic, representing a deep love for knowledge. The touch of metallic silver is never mistaken as it is Koreel, the mother of all. Lastly the hint of red indicates Istarum the protector, whose children wish for peace but will fight until the fields run with blood if the need should arise.

Many of the first of the Sorian within the empire were adopted by monasteries within Inlyrico shortly after birth. They were believed to be special and more gifted than the Purposed Races. It was during this time that they were taught the ways of the divine magic and not surprisingly it came naturally to them. The Sorian proved to be intelligent, strong willed and motivated amidst the Purposed Races. When they came of age many took places within the churches of the Genesori, though some left to live amongst the regencies of the Mercurian Empire. A short time after the empire recognized their existence the castes of the Federation grew in population of this new and interesting people. Even today it is not uncommon for Sorian children born into houses of lesser means to be sent to learn and gain an education within the walls of the churches. Throughout their many years, the race has been held in such high reverence that it is not uncommon for the Sorian to look down upon those who live outside of the civilizations of the Federation and Empire.

Sorian tend to dress in flowing and comfortable clothing and enjoy not being constricted in their movements. Most are civil and well respected and known for keeping to their word if given but will only give a personal promise when they believe in a cause. They tend to be a wise race and do not lose their heads easily, often making them skilled negotiators, clergy, or businessmen. All Sorian have the “Sorian” Trait.