Information Skills

To ensure the staff can support your information and production skills, please submit requests four weeks before the next event.

Please submit a new request for each skill used. Click the Information Skills Available tab for a description of the information skills.

To submit your Information and Production Skill Requests, please send an email to containing the below information.

  • Player Name
  • Character Name
  • Skill Being Used
  • In-Game Coin Spent (if applicable)
  • What is your Information or Production Request?
  • Other Comments
Arcane Lore (Naturalist, Wizard, Sorceror):

Spend some money to ask a question regarding mages, their abilities, what remains of their history, and what is known about the Arcane. This question is asked of the arcane community in general, not to a specific individual, though it may make its way to a specific person by word of mouth.

Astral Messenger (Anima Sphere):

Contact a shadow, shade spirit, or character powerful in the Shade to carry a message through the shade for you to a specific NPC target. Very fast, but slightly more likely to be intercepted by curious Shade critters. This skill may be used during game if an appropriate character is available to open the Shade for you. Costs an Earth.

Contacts/Courier (Excavator, Ambassador):

These two skills allow you to pay a messenger to carry a letter to a specific NPC for you. You must know the NPCs name and have an idea on how to find them in order to do this. The messengers are trustworthy and skilled, but interception is possible by the extremely determined and powerful. This ability may sometimes be used at an event. It does not cost anything to send secure letters to fellow PCs.

Divine Insight (Jormic):

Followers of Jormic with this Skill may submit to plot their notes regarding something that was learned or witnessed and may ask one clarification question having to do with their notes.

Ears of the Divine (Cleric, Invoker):

You may pay money to ask a question of the faithful/hierarchy of the church. This question is asked generally to the church, not to a specific person, though it may make its way to that specific person by word of mouth.

Folklore (Bard, Ambassador):

You may spend some money to uncover rumors, tales and legends regarding a specific topic or question.

In the Thick of Things (Pyredown):

Spend some money and ask a question regarding the goings-on of the empire, the capital, and the important figures that reside there. This question is asked to the community at large, not to a specific person.

Read the Wax (Ghostwalker):

Watch the melting wax of a candle and ask a question of the secondary spirit inside of you. If he/she has the answer, you will get a response. There is no cost for this skill.

Reviled (Delago):

You spend some money to ask a question of the darker element of civilization. If the question is appropriate to the audience, you will receive a response. This question makes its way around the underworld and is not asked to a specific person.

Spread the Word (Oros):

This skill allows you to spend some money to spread stories (true or false, good or bad) about public figures. This skill is not anonymous, so there are often repercussions if the story is not pleasing to the target.

Whispers of the Ethereal World (Shaman):

This skill has no cost and allows you to ask a general question of the spirits in your area. If your question is something that would have caught their interest, they will respond.

Word on the Docks (Vascoll):

Similar to the Oros Skill, this skill allows you to pay money to get a rumor going in the empire. Unlike the Oros skill, it is more known as a source of rumor, is not limited to public figures and is more likely to be anonymous. A powerful person may still be able to discover the origin of the rumors, however.

Using your sources, you make a request for knowledge. You submit the question you are pursuing to plot between events. The question must be appropriate for your sources and one that your sources could pursue. The best way to submit questions is to email the question as plain text in the body of the message to plot. Give plot at least four weeks before an event or your answer will likely be delayed.

The use of some Information skills costs IG money, which is submitted at check-in of the next event. If the Skill requires the use of money you can pay 2 silver for a normal question, 5 silver for a hard or delicate question, and 10 silver for an obscure or dangerous question. More money than this is generally wasted, though a contact may come to you to tell you that pursuing some obscure or dangerous piece of information would be expensive. The description of the Information skill will tell you if it requires this payment to use it.

You are not guaranteed an answer, and it may take more than one event to receive a response. Submitting a question that is not appropriate for your sources dramatically reduces your chance to get an answer that is meaningful.

If you submit a new question before you get an answer, then the old question will be forgotten and the sources will begin to instead pursue the new question. Asking certain questions to inappropriate sources might cause trouble for you.

Your answer will come in one of three ways; you might get a written response between events, you might get a verbal or written response at the opening of an event before it starts, or a contact might come to find you in-game to deliver some piece of knowledge related to your question. If you are seeking answers to difficult or obscure questions you may have to use the Skill more than once to pursue the answers.