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Shiara has historically been a land of peace, due both to good leadership and to strong natural boundaries. They have had little to fear from invaders and tradition among Shiaran nobles’ calls for methods of settling disputes without war. The landscape consists mostly of rolling hills that are ideal for grazing sheep and cattle, with sharply dropping cliffs down to the sea and river. Shiara contains one geological and arcane anomaly; areas of strong magic known as Arcane Fonts.

After the Shrouded Age, Shiara was the first land to be civilized, so many of the ancient lineages in Rues hail from this regency. A majority of families, common and noble, have lived on the same land for generations and bonds have formed between landowners and their subjects.

Leisure time is easy to come by in Shiara, and many pursue their hobbies with a concentrated focus. The provinces have been known to stake a great deal of pride on the skills of their residents; from who has grown the biggest watermelon to which province has produced the greatest hunter. These superlatives earn prestige for their provincial liege and can even increase their influence with the Regent. Provincial nobles in Shiara are all familiar with the Dragon’s Tail, an absurdly long wooden table on the Silvian Estate in the capital province of Arcane. The regent sits at the head of the table, and there is space enough for every member of every noble family in Shiara. The position of each family at the table and their proximity to the regent’s seat is directly related to the power of their influence.

There are too many notable families in Shiara for a comprehensive list, but some that bear mention are: the Korol, a family whose members are traditionally lion-touched and have extremely good luck training animals; the Banrion, masters of the blade whose children are always twins; the Dwyre, cousins to the Inlyrican family of the same name; and the Atasir, a family of Selda’nire elves who settled in Shiara hundreds of years ago.