Severrin Symbol
Ravvin and Amar
Aaron Hawthorn (Human)
White and Black
Entropy, Essence, and Universal
Divine Weapon
One-Handed Mace

Severrin arose for the Purposed Races, to care for them, their lives, and their enterprises. He favors no particular race or culture, but watches over all with equal attention. He is an advocate of the simple pleasures in life, giving his protection to marriages, births and holidays. He is the patron of agriculture, husbandry and healing.

It is also his duty to attend to the twilight of life, and he guides the sick and elderly until they rest. He takes no joy in this part of his responsibilities, but will not leave anyone to suffer overlong.

Those who follow Severrin are disparate in their goals and personalities: some are the heart of their family; some are healers; some are veterans who have seen one too many warriors fall; some are great chiefs: some are acute minds that see that life must eventually lead to death.

Whatever their differences, the followers of the Guardian all hold the lives of the Purposed Races dear and abhor the Undead. They have welcomed the alliance with the Keepers and together hope to forge a strong brotherhood dedicated to the destruction of the Undead.