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Religion is a powerful force throughout Rues. There are five distinct and separate churches within the regencies, with each of the five gods ruling over their respective domains. The five gods collectively are known as the Genesori. While they do not always see eye to eye, the faiths do not often intrude on each other, and none of the five churches has ever openly challenged another. Indeed though they are separate, some have found common purposes and formed alliances.

For all their differences, there are some laws that all five churches adhere to. No other faith or religion is recognized outside of the five. Each church seeks to root out blasphemers and bring heretical cults to justice. Every citizen of Rues is also required to pay a tithe to the churches. They are not required to follow any one particular faith if they do not choose to, but still must contribute a sum. Most citizens who do not follow a particular god split their tithe evenly amongst the five. And of course, each church expects their congregations to follow the Laws of Piety.

The Genesori & their Churches