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The power center of the Mercurian Empire lies on the western coast of Rues, surrounded by the thriving Vascoll trading rivers. While the majority of the empire’s populace resides in the five regencies, there are some families that call the Imperial Seat home. There are a large number of important figures and soldiers, but the area relies on its farmers, blacksmiths and other common laborers just as the regencies do. Because of its location and significance, Pyredown is a melting pot of every race, culture and social station of the Mercurian Empire and the other groups of Rues.

Though the empire retains ownership of all of the land in Pyredown, the residents are given imperial land grants for their farms, homes and businesses. They are not taxed for the use of this land, but they also tend to be out of touch with their original regency. Some families who have lived outside of the regencies for several generations no longer even consider themselves a part of any. Fort Firetol is the capital city of the empire, and one of the most glorious cities on Rues. The first through third battalions of the imperial army are garrisoned there and are a noted presence in the streets, resplendent in their burgundy and gold uniforms. It is in this city that the imperial leadership strives to create the paradise that the first emperor envisioned long ago.

The current emperor is Cavalero Mercurio, who inherited his position recently when his mother passed away. Other prominent families in Pyredown include: the Damiano, whose matriarch serves as the Imperial Trade Regulator; the Giovanizzi, among whose ranks are the emperor’s Chief Inspector as well as the Quartermaster Prime; the Svanhild, a family of former serfs from Volbrecht whose patriarch captains the emperor’s elite Firestorm Squad; and the Orselli, a small family devoted to the care of the imperial library.