Prian markings

The Prian are the artists, musicians, dancers, and thespians of the Federation. The Selda’niré, in their desire to unify the mind, body, and spirit view the arts as the most readily available path to said unification. It takes a harmony of self to make great works even if that harmony is more akin to the "eye of the storm" within a tumultuous life. It is up to the Prian to create great works across all venues so that the Selda’niré may experience them in an effort to bring themselves more into harmony. The Prian work continuously with the Arcos to aid them in their research and proselytizing in whatever ways they can. Some examples are the design of the High Church of Koreel or the Hall of the Maker where the master Enchanters meet.

Prian are marked upon entrance into the caste through birth or invitation. The Prian are unique insomuch that they are the only caste to scour the world, through use of the Oros, to find the up and coming of the fine art world and invite those they deem worthy to join them as Prian. Their left cheek is marked with a sigil that is a diamond with two concentric circles inside of it, one within the other.