To submit your Post Event Letters, please provide the following information in an email to, or use our online form.

PELs must be submitted within two weeks of a Weekend Event to gain a ½ CP award.

  • Player Name
  • Email Address
  • Character Name
  • Team or Cabin
  • Event Date
  • Did you assist with Clean-Up? If so, what did you do?
  • Please list any plotlines your character is currently following. Include any observations you have about the plotline such as things your character has discovered or wants to discover.
  • Please list any especially memorable mods or battles or encounters that you experienced and let us know what about the mod made an impression on you.
  • Please list any goals or projects your character is pursuing. Along with these goals and projects please list what progress you made this event and any plans you may have for upcoming events.
  • Please describe the highlight of your event and explain why it was so enjoyable for you.
  • Please describe any NPC who was memorable or enjoyable and explain why they made such an impression on you.
  • Did any NPCs promise you follow up or offer to look in to something for you? If so, please explain who the NPC is and what sort of follow up you are expecting.
  • Were there PC to PC interactions that were important to you or that we should know about?
  • Other Comments?

Thank you!