Oros markings

The Oros are the merchants, diplomats, scribes, and historians of the Federation. Because of their role they are also the teachers of the youth in the ways of the Selda’niré, regardless of caste. Polite, respectful, and succinct would be the best way to describe the Oros. Most Selda’niré who are met outside the Isles are of the Oros as they travel extensively for trade and diplomacy. As the most visible of the Selda’niré their adherence to their main virtues is even more important. In the capacity of diplomat or tradesman they are expected to be the eyes and ears of their people both internally and externally and to do so, espionage becomes an unspoken skill amongst many of this caste.

Oros are marked upon acceptance into the caste through birth or choice. Outside entry into this caste is never taken lightly due to the specific and important roles many of this caste have. Their faces are marked with a sigil resembling an upturned crescent moon in the center of the forehead. The sigil is magical in nature and cannot be removed or changed except by an empowered mage or priest of the Arcos Caste.