Imperial Crest

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Players who wish to hail from the expansive and powerful Mercurian Empire must also choose a home within the empire. (The Imperial Nobility is predominantly made up of humans and the largest racial demographic is humans, but all races have taken to residing within the empire, although Alved and Ereskial are very rare.)

Six areas and their internal cultures comprise the majority of the empire. Pyredown is the heart of the empire, and the other five are Regencies of the Empire. These regions are:

No matter their origin, all citizens and residents of the empire are expected to obey the Laws of Piety and the Imperial Dictate. These two codices have been left more or less untouched since the formation of the empire centuries ago.

  1. You shall worship no false gods, or anything less than a god.
  2. You shall follow all the Proscriptions and Good Acts.
  3. You shall not engage in blasphemy by disrespecting the name or image of any god.
  4. You shall not subvert the authority of the Church or its representatives.
  5. You shall give consideration to any who comes to you in the good faith of the Church.
  6. You shall neither take nor allow any action that brings harm to the Church.

The destiny of the Purposed Races lies within their own hands, and with proper guidance the paradise of old can once again be achieved. The pious populace will invite reward from on high, bringing an end to hunger, strife and sickness. It is to the benefit of all that we of the Kingdoms do sacrifice our thrones and join together under a common banner. It is by these beliefs that we do form a Holy Empire;

  1. The Purposed Races were each created equally, and none shall claim superiority over another.
  2. The Imperial Family has been chosen by divine will to rule. To challenge the authority of the Empire is to challenge divine will.
  3. Each Regent has the backing of the Imperial Family and the High Church. To challenge a regent is to challenge divine will.
  4. The Laws of Piety will lead us to a greater life, and all will follow them.