Manu markings

The Manu are the manual laborers of the Federation. The Caste of the Hand is the lowest the Selda’niré can go within their society. Despite being at the bottom of the system they are not reviled or looked down upon for their lowered station. They are viewed as the foundation upon which their society is built. They are integral to the day to day of Federation life and all others of higher castes respect them for their work. They are the craftsman, servants, and laborers of the Federation. It is not the most prestigious of lives but all true Manu understand their role and perform as necessary, without complaint. When one’s hands must get dirty, the Manu are there.

Manu are marked upon acceptance into the caste either through birth, choice, or demotion in caste through judiciary punishment. Their faces are marked with a sigil resembling a sickle that curves around the left eye down the cheek slightly. The sigil is magical in nature and cannot be removed or changed except by an empowered mage or priest of the Arcos Caste.