Koreel Symbol
Alise and Riel
Heyman Krassus (Urubér)
Green and Grey
Anima, Elemental, and Universal
Divine Weapon
One Handed Club

The most ancient of the deities, Koreel is quite literally as old as the earth. Koreel is the soil and the trees, the clouds and the rain, the desert and the swamp. Though truly gender neutral, Koreel is typically represented as a goddess and seems content with that. She embodies the spirit and forms of the natural world, and long before the birth of the Purposed Races she had granted spirits to all living things.

Interdependence of creatures, plants and natural forces are her purview, and a very demanding one. She oversees all of the cycles and webs of nature from the turn of the seasons to the eventual flight of a caterpillar. She tends not only to the physical but also to the spiritual care of even the tiniest pebble, ensuring that the natural world remains balanced and harmonious.

The spirits that are Koreel’s brood are varied in their power. There is rumor that she gifts some animals and plants with the same strength of spirit as the Purposed Races, giving them the ability to think, feel and speak.

Followers of Koreel are typically empathetic folk who take the time to look at both the exterior and interior of things. They also eschew typical church structures, instead paying homage to the Keeper in places of power or natural wonder. Consummate woodsmen, defenders of the natural world, and contemplative hermits alike pay the Keeper homage.

With the recent rising tide of Undead that plague Rues, many Keepers have devoted themselves to destroying of the vile creatures. To this end the Keepers have forged a strong alliance with the church of Severrin, dedicated to the extinction of the undead threat.