Jormic Symbol
Laylia and Vinita
Durante Scipio (Human)
Brown and Blue
Illusion, Providence, and Universal
Divine Weapon

Jormic contains all of the knowledge in existence. From the smallest and most insignificant fact to secrets so old they are unknown even to the other gods. It is Jormic’s nature to know everything, but it is his duty to oversee the distribution of the knowledge. He safeguards the dangerous secrets and mysteries of the world, keeping them hidden from those who would abuse them.

Jormic shares his other knowledge generously, especially with those who pay him homage. An ancient legend contends that it was Jormic who revealed to the mortal races the names and existence of the gods. Temples around the land that are not dedicated to a specific deity often include a library as the altar to Jormic. The Great Library in Anbara is the high temple to the Omniscient god and is the most extensive known library, containing texts from all regencies and races.

Jormic is a popular god among scholars and politicians, each of whom have their own interests in information. He is also the patron god of artists, whose inspiration is drawn from the things that Jormic shrouds in mystery.