Istarum Symbol
Aeron and Siefer
Alandra Nemethial (Selda’nire)
Grey and Red
Providence, Essence, and Universal
Divine Weapon
Long Sword

The Shepherd desires peace, but also gives his favor to those capable of martial combat. His followers are warrior-priests who approach conflict with both hands extended, one open and offering peace, while the other readies the sword to protect those in need. The Shepherd rewards followers who can negotiate peace out of the most difficult situations, but also understands that it is in the nature of the Purposed Races to have conflict, and so chooses masters of the combat arts to make sure that violence is as brief and efficient as possible. He guides these holy warriors to fight so others do not have to. Priests of the Shepherd are often solitary individuals who willingly set aside a peaceful existence to protect the innocence of others. Istarum is the patron god of peacekeepers, guards, and mediators.

In many smaller settlements, Shepherds may be the only peacekeeping force present. It is also common to find Priests of Istarum patrolling the roads, offering protection to travelers and tradesmen alike. Small contingents of Shepherds are sometimes dispatched to areas of turmoil or conflict with the sole aim of returning peace to the area. Indeed there are many stories of unfortunate dissidents who mistook the Shepherd's kindness for weakness.