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Inlyrico is also known as the Pure Land. It is a beautiful rolling countryside spotted with wildflowers and green arbors, with white marble cities that, in that curious way of marble, seem to have soft inner glow. While the rest of the empire works toward paradise, Inlyrico has already found it and works to maintain it. All who live there are well fed, well clothed, and sheltered; those who cannot provide for themselves are given charity by the church.

The Great Cathedral is in the capital city, thought to be the tallest building in the empire. Coated in white marble with gilt spires, the cathedral’s towers reach for the sky, blending in with the sun’s light. In addition to being the High Church of Severrin, the Great Cathedral contains altars to each of the gods.

In the regency of Inlyrico, they have taken to heart the words of the Beatific Council. "Those who please the gods shall be rewarded with health, beauty, and fields of bounty." They view diseases and deformities as outward signs of sin, and all those afflicted with them are banished from the Pure Land. Heretics and others who defy the Laws of Piety are put to death.

Notable families in Inlyrico include: the Onnathea, from whom the current regent hails, and from whom many regents have been chosen as they are known for their charity, piety and humility; the Zenovia, known for their foundation of numerous missionary groups in other lands; the Halliday, who have maintained good relations with the Ereskial and whose younger sons traditionally enter the ranks of the Rose Knights; and the Dwyre, whose ancestry can be traced to the original Beatific Council that formed the Laws of Piety.