When creating a character, you must choose a race. Humans and elves are the most common races on Rues, and they are generally far more influenced by their culture than their race. Spirit Touched, Soulbound, Sorian, and Vecura may be a part of any culture, but their differences prevent them from being fully accepted in their chosen home. For those groups, race and culture are equally important. Finally there are the Alved and the Ereskial, whose race and culture are the same. It is not impossible for the races of the Underholme to live outside of their caves, but they will never fully integrate into another culture.

Studious and hardy, humans are the most populous race on Rues. They are often the most adaptable and inventive of all the Purposed Races of the world. They are diverse in appearance, temperament, and intellect. Humans themselves have no racial makeup requirements outside of those designated by their culture. All humans have the “Human” Trait.

Dexterous movement and keen minds are the primary characteristics of the elven race. As the second most populous race of Rues they can be seen interspersed through all cultures. While not as adaptable as humankind they are more focused and once they set their mind to something they follow it through. Elves require pointed ear prosthetics but no make-up unless denoted by their culture. All elves have the “Elf” Trait.