Garioch Symbol
Varys and Cosima
Helene Luthgardis (Human)
Purple and Gold
Distortion, Essence, and Universal
Divine Weapon
One Handed Long Hammer

Though he was not the first of the gods, Garioch quickly became an authority figure in the pantheon. As a keeper of structure and an agent of change, he is thought to be the most political of all the Genesori. He is a voice of reason as well as a catalyst for upheaval, the power behind logic but also luck. Even through the Shrouded Age, legends remain of Garioch’s most celebrated accomplishment, the binding of the Genesori to a pact that protected the mortal races.

During the Age of Piety, Garioch has been the patron deity for the Imperial family and his church has benefited from this patronage. Priests of the Shaper have been able to devote themselves to a myriad of causes, though all seek to guide the development and progress of the Purposed Races through their advice, counsel, or strategy.

His followers come from all walks of life, but he is a favorite among officials, civil servants and strategists. His churches can be found spread all over Rues, the grandest of which rises next to the Imperial seat in Pyredown.