The camp will be catering brunch and dinner on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday for our events. The cost of each meal is listed under Event Fees. These are the camp's prices. We have to give exact numbers at least a week prior to the event so please pre-reg/pre-pay for your meals.

The meals will be buffet style so filling up is encouraged. Opting for catered meals is not mandatory though encouraged. There will be no full service tavern. Food can be pre-paid via paypal or paid at the door. Pre-payment is encouraged as we would prefer not to hassle with giving change in singles. Those with food allergies or dietary restrictions are encouraged to bring their own food.

Lastly, leaving site for food is highly discouraged. There are not many options close enough to site to warrant a trip off-site. Leaving site breaks the game atmosphere. We want everyone to enjoy the game to the maximum extent while staying in game the entire weekend.