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Players who wish hail from the isolated and unique Federated Kingdom of the Selda’niré, or Federation for short, must also choose a caste from the Kingdom. The Federation Nobility is completely made up of elves and the largest racial demographic is elven, but all races have taken to residing with the Federation, although Alved and Ereskial are very rare.

The Federation is divided into six castes accessible by the player population as well as one caste that are strictly for NPCs. Your caste reflects your role within the structured society of the Federation. Each caste performs an important and unique function within the Kingdom.

The five playable castes are:

Regardless of caste all citizens of the Federation are expected to follow the Laws of Harmonious Accord. In addition all citizens are expected to live their lives as a work in progress towards unification of the body and spirit. Both the Laws of Harmonious Accord and the Doctrine of Unity have been around since the birth of the Federated Kingdom centuries ago in the aftermath of the Great Sin.

  • At all times obey the Regnum as they have ruled the Selda’niré since the Shrouded Age. Their word is law and the Divine Will supports that law.
  • In all that you do, seek unification of the mind, body, and spirit. In this way all citizens shall be girded against the Great Sin through the Doctrine of Unity.
  • Citizens shall not commit violence against one another or their property. Theft, vandalism, battery, and murder are subversions to unification and will be punished.

All citizens of the Federated Kingdom of the Selda’niré are required to have an understanding and adherence to the teachings of the Doctrine of Unity. The Doctrine of Unity – Major Tenets is a text dating back to the emergence of the Purposed Races out of the Shrouded Age. Those that would become the Regnum caste brought it forth from the darkness and it was used to preach against falling again to the Great Sin. When the elves put out the call to any Purposed Races that wished a different life than the empire could provide they used the Doctrine of Unity as guiding foundation for their newly formed Kingdom. From the Doctrine they codified their founding laws and principle values.

  • The mortal form is flawed yet filled with Purpose. For Purpose to truly be recognized one must bring their form into harmony.
  • Excess is the road to Sin. Practice moderation in all that you do.
  • All mortals are brothers and sisters along the path of Unity. Thou shalt not be a stumbling block unto them.
  • Provide aid to any who need it, but not at detriment to oneself. Temperance and Conviction shall show you the way.
  • Nature and Spirit are bound in accord and that binding is Koreel. It is not everyone’s path to bend knee to Koreel but she should be shown respect in accordance to her station and role.
  • Garioch is the Shaper and through his teachings one can mold their mind and body into a suitable vessel. Show respect to him for it is due.