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On the eastern border of Inlyrico lies Braeus, which begins as swamp in the north, petering out to marshland in the south. The difficult landscape forced innovative engineering, which became a point of Braeic pride. They are the unchallenged leaders of invention and research, creating everything from improved irrigation to improved fireballs.

The Braeic cities are examples of their ingenuity, raised up on stilts or built on iron grilles sunk below the surface of the muck. The capital city of Isou is a marvel of crisscrossing wooden bridges and rambling buildings. The heart of the city is Isou University and the nearby Muse Amphitheater, where every kind of spell, invention or potion has been created and shown to the public.

The university attracts minds from all over the empire, and offers programs in all of the scholarly pursuits, including the more obscure versions of alchemy and the budding arcane studies. Part of the treasury is set aside to provide scholarships for promising students who cannot pay their own way.

A few Braeic families of note are: the Xaertes, the current ruling family; the Oculis, known as superb enchanters; the Scorsi, excellent engineers and founders of the Mason’s Guild; the Chaeleron, who manage the harbor and markets in Fort Ashvin; and the Musaphi, traditionally fire-touched scholars who travel the regencies in search of new ideas and promising students.