Arcos markingsArcos markings

The Arcos are the mages and clergy of the Federation. They are the councilors and sages. They usher in new ideas and research as well as give spiritual support to all castes of Selda’niré. The mages spend their time researching ways to tame the wild magic of the world as they see it as one of the greatest dangers to their people. The clergy spend their time preaching the faiths of the Genesori as well as spreading the teachings contained within the Doctrine of Unity. The importance of their council is so great that one mage and one of the devout sit to the left and right of the King and act as his personal advisors in all matters pertaining to the Federation. In addition to mages and clergy there are a growing number of enchanters who were born into the Caste of the Hand and have since risen to the Caste of the Mind due to their advancements in enchanting.

Arcos are marked upon acceptance into the caste through birth or choice. Outsiders wishing entrance into this caste are rigorously tested to ascertain whether or not they are a good fit for the needs of the Federation. Each is marked with a sigil consisting of 3 lines arrayed in a burst pattern sprouting from the outside corner of each eye.