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Anbara is the southernmost regency of the Mercurian Empire, and the majority of its landmass is the dry and unsettled Byse Desert. The region of imperial influence is the fertile crescent that begins in the north and curls down the western border. The whole of the Anbaran population is crowded into this space, struggling to find living space without compromising the extremely limited farmland.

Even with food being shipped in from Shiara and Inlyrico, Anbara struggles against starvation, sickness, and crime. There are large and lovely estates near the middle of the crescent, but the towns on the outer limits are filled with cramped, boxlike houses all stacked upon each other, claustrophobic streets and insufficient farmland. They are under constant threat from the nearby desert, and there are rumors of whole communities disappearing in particularly vicious sandstorms.

To appease the unhappy population, the first queen of Anbara established the Great Games, competitions of all kinds that occur on a regular basis with prizes ranging from a meal to a grand estate in the capital city. Betting on these games and sponsoring competitors has formed an additional underground economy. The capital of Anbara is Jaspar, where the architecture heavily incorporates one of the few unlimited resources: glass. The palaces in Jaspar are breathtaking, sparkling wonders whose interiors are renowned for luxurious furniture and unequaled service. Among the palaces is the Great Library, the High Church of Jormic.

Some important families in Anbara include: the Upanishar, who currently hold the House of Archery and are in contact with the Braens about settling the Byse Desert; the Zev, who live in the palace and are raised to hold the rank of Adjudicator; the Gavaskar, who have held the House of Dichotomy for the last two centuries; and the Bhatti, who have made their fortune trading with the Mehrdahd’i and spend a lot of time trying to help the unfortunate of the Anbaran outer limits.